Our pricing is easy, for all of our base packages we charge $100 each. What makes it even better is for each package you add on you will receive a $50 discount. ie Aerial + Twilight Photos: $100 + $100 – $50 = $150.

Pricing is per house per visit.

Typically we do not provide a discount for multiple houses in the same day. Please contact us for additional details.

The short answer is all of them. Most real estate photographers will send what they feel are the best photos they took. We could do the same but we know everyone has a different idea of what a good photo is. So for every house we go to you will receive every photo we took.

What you can expect in terms of number of photos:

  • Aerial
    • 15 – 20 photos
  • HD
    • 50 – 100 photos
  • Twilight
    • 15 – 20

*Please understand these are estimates some houses will produce less and others will produce more.

Yes. The equipment is filled with sensitive electronics. If there is rain or snow, we cannot fly the craft. 

We can still take photos inside the home but we will not be able to take outside photos. 

If we drive to the house and you determine that you would like us to come up another day the discount will be removed from the invoice for the travel for two days.

The only difference for multiple days is that you will lose the discount (see pricing). The pricing set is per house per day.

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